Solving the Toughest Intercompany Challenges

FourQ is the only full-service, complete solution for automating intercompany billing and invoice management for multinational organizations and their suppliers. We employ industry-leading expertise to improve shared service productivity while reducing global tax and compliance exposure.

Automated Intercompany Accounting

OneBiller by FourQ Systems

OneBiller is the only full-service software solution that centralizes the intercompany accounting function of multinational organizations to automate manual processes and reduce back-office costs, reduce global compliance and tax risks, and optimize resource efficiency without using a pricey license-based implementation model.

Global Invoice Management

Paymaster by FourQ Systems

Paymaster is a full-service software solution for automating and centralizing the global invoice management process, including invoice receipt, validation, audit, approval, payment, and inquiry. Paymaster allows companies to reduce past due invoices and late fees, maintain vendor relationships and services with on-time payments, increase AP/AR efficiency and productivity, and automate tax optimization to reduce costs

The FourQ Difference


Full Service

We offer technology, implementation experts, and ongoing support together, removing the need for pairing costly software platforms and external consultants or VARs.


Volume-Based Pricing

Pricing is based on throughput, meaning a small percentage of the transactions running through our systems. In other words, we get paid relative to your confidence.


Proven Intercompany and Tax Efficiency Approach

Our approach was built from the ground up within a Fortune 500 company and has been validated in some of the most complex organizations in the world. We’re experts at getting our hands dirty, handling small and large transactions, offering hands-on issue resolution and driving continuous process optimization.


What our customers are saying about Paymaster and OneBiller


“Were it not for FourQ validating and paying our invoices, the result would be a significant increase in overhead on the account…”

- FourQ Client


“The initial setup of the systems and processes in order to ensure audit capability and validation can be complex, but this additional effort is returned through payments being received on time with very little issue.”

- FourQ Client


“Our aged receivables for US services (90+ days) is at ~1.7% & the same number for Latin America is at ~72%. The differing factor is that our US services are run through FourQ. We struggle with securing past due payments when the invoicing / payment platform is managed outside of FourQ’s system.”

- FourQ Client


“The net result is we are not forced to allocate significant resources to billing investigation and resolution. Established processes work as they should, which is a big benefit.”

- FourQ Client


“Through FourQ, the results have been a historically low volume of billable line items, ‘No Match’ fallout, or disputes that require investigation and resolution…”

- FourQ Client

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