Simplify the process for getting invoices paid

Paymaster by FourQ Systems Streamlines the Global Vendor Invoice Management Process

Paymaster is a full-service software solution for automating and centralizing the global vendor invoice management process, including invoice receipt, validation, audit, approval, payment, and inquiry.

  • Automate Manual AR/AP Processes to Increase Productivity, Improve Accuracy, and Reduce Costs
  • Eliminate Late Fees, Penalties, and Past-Due Invoices with On-Time Vendor Payments
  • Achieve Balance Sheet Compliance and Transparency

A More Efficient Way to Process Invoices

FourQ’s Paymaster solution supports automated, centralized invoice management—eliminating inefficient manual processes and associated costs.

Centralized & Automated Invoice Processing

Tax Accuracy and Recovery in 100+ Countries

Compliance & Tax Audits

Automating invoice processes with specific acceptance criteria allows companies to reduce the number of resources spent on billing investigations, disputes and resolutions, settlements, and reconciliations.

Our tax team works to understand your tax exposure and continually monitors international tax changes to automate and optimize your workflows to mitigate unnecessarily incremental tax costs and penalties.

Paymaster is built with a focus on compliance and provides the most up-to-date compliance documentation possible for tax authorities and real-time audits.

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Paymaster streamlines and automates the invoice management process.

How it works

Opportunity Scoping

Collaborate with Internal Team and Consultants

Collect Information about All Vendors and Suppliers

Develop Rules for Invoice Validation

Establish a Project Timeline

Vendor Scoping

Educate Vendors on Program Requirements

Identify SPOCs with Vendors

Establish Project Timelines with Vendors

Manage All Vendor-Related Activities for On-Boarding

Implementation & Testing

Validate Automated Invoice Processes

Validate Automated Payment Processes

Test Reporting Platforms

Test Dispute Processes, Ensuring Proper Teams are Notified

Go-Live, Scalability, Support

Develop a Go-Live Plan for Visibility and Urgency

Ensure Vendor Inputs Align with Requirements

Ensure Payment Outputs Align with Requirements

Validate Reporting Data

Train Staff

Learn how FourQ Paymaster identified $22M of invoice errors from a single service provider in its first year of use.

Proven, Scalable, Long-Term Solutions to Old Problems

While a shared services model offers many advantages for multinational companies, this centralized approach can present challenges when it comes to managing vendor invoices across multiple entities and countries.

From direct costs such as vendor late fees, penalties, and missed opportunities for discounts, to less tangible but equally costly issues like payment inaccuracies, internal inefficiencies, unnecessary overhead, and compliance risks, these challenges all come at a price.

For organizations operating globally that conduct business with many vendors, effective invoice management is essential to avoiding these challenges and the associated costs.

When outstanding invoices begin piling up, it increases the administrative effort needed to manage payments, increases the amount of LPFs applied by the vendors, and reduces sourcing leverage on rates and payment terms.

Tax inaccuracies plague companies without automated tax processes or a tax team regularly monitoring global tax changes. Inaccurate filing could lead to overpayments, or underpayments with associated tax penalties applied.

Fines and penalties as a result or being non-compliant can become the norm, with businesses choosing to treat these as a regular cost of doing business.

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