Ten Best Practices for Improving Vendor Invoice Management

A shared services model offers many advantages for multinational companies. But when it comes to managing vendor invoices across multiple entities and countries, this centralized approach can present challenges. Maintaining …

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How One Company Saved ~$20M in BEAT Penalties & Consumption Taxes and Eliminated $2M in Stranded Costs

December 22, 2020

Any global multinational knows that BEAT penalties and excess consumption taxes can feel like insurmountable obstacles in intercompany accounting. Disparate ERPs make it difficult to gain visibility, increasing the challenge …

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May Ma Joins FourQ as VP, Transformation

December 07, 2020

Ma Brings a Depth & Breadth of Experience Implementing Global Financial Systems and Transforming the Finance Function   FourQ, a premier provider of full-service solutions for automating intercompany billing and …

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COVID-19 and Beyond: The Challenges of Indirect Taxes Changes

In the midst of the global coronavirus pandemic, challenging economic conditions have necessitated many changes to keep economies afloat. Around the world, governments are facing the dual pressures of having …

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building from ground view

FourQ Welcomes Joseph Rissberger as VP, Commercial Business Development

October 02, 2020

Finance and IT Veteran Brings Extensive Experience with Leading Global Companies  FourQ, a premier provider of full-service solutions for automating intercompany billing and invoice management, announced that Joseph Rissberger has …

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Taxing Matters: Tackling Intercompany Accounting Challenges

August 14, 2020

How smart companies are using technology and automation to overcome key intercompany accounting hurdles. The recording of financial transactions across different legal entities, but under the umbrella of the same …

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How AP Automation Helps Save Your Most Valuable Resources: Money and Time

, August 10, 2020

From lower costs to fewer errors to improved working capital management, accounts payable automation helps companies of any size overcome their biggest accounting challenges. A vital function for all companies, …

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Intercompany Reconciliation: Using Automation to Manage Complexities

Companies can use automation to eliminate intercompany transactions and balances without spending hundreds of valuable accounting hours on the process. Intercompany reconciliation, the process of recording financial transactions across different …

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Intercompany Transactions: Eliminate Guesswork (and Risk) with Automation

Intercompany transactions — those financial interactions that take place between subsidiaries, divisions, or departments of the same “umbrella” or parent company — cover a wide range of complex activities that …

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Intercompany Accounting — Shedding Light on the Biggest Priority You Never Knew You Had

Accounting, is a basic and vital business function for a company of any size, is a process that takes on deeper complexity, however, when a firm establishes subsidiaries, business units, …

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