FourQ Introduces Intercompany Financial Management (IFM) Insights

Video discussions give intercompany and shared services executives perspectives from leading experts on emergent trends and operational strategies

Westport, CT (July 26, 2021)FourQ has launched IFM Insights, a new video discussion series featuring intercompany and shared services leaders. In each 20-minute IFM Insights episode, an intercompany leader is interviewed about their work, perceptions, challenges, and predictions for the intercompany sphere. FourQ’s IFM Insights guests provide learnings based on their own successes and experiences that can help intercompany and shared services executives improve their programs and advance their careers.

“I’ve been in the intercompany space for most of my career. Getting inside the brains of innovative and even legendary intercompany and shared services leaders will provide invaluable learnings to viewers,” explained Varun Tejpal, CEO and Co-Founder, FourQ. “Our new IFM Insights video discussion series has an impressive line-up of business leaders sharing their insights in the coming months.”

Upcoming guests on FourQ’s IFM Insights include:

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July 26, 2021