How One Company Saved ~$20M in BEAT Penalties & Consumption Taxes and Eliminated $2M in Stranded Costs

Any global multinational knows that BEAT penalties and excess consumption taxes can feel like insurmountable obstacles in intercompany accounting. Disparate ERPs make it difficult to gain visibility, increasing the challenge of creating more efficient billing routes.

So when a Fortune 100 insurance conglomerate with operations in more than 100 countries found itself with around $20 million in tax leakage annually, it needed a solution that combined intercompany accounting expertise with the right tools to minimize exposure.

FourQ combined a collaborative consulting approach with our unique OneBiller solution to streamline processes, integrate 10+ ERPs, and improve profitability. Overall, the insurance conglomerate realized:

  • Lowered BEAT penalties
  • $2M in stranded costs eliminated
  • Savings in consumption taxes
  • A total savings of ~$22M

Download the full case study to see how OneBiller is uniquely suited to solve intercompany challenges like this one.

OneBiller Case Study Download
By December 22, 2020