Intercompany Insight from Intercompany Experts – New IFM Insights Series

There is no better way to learn than learning from experts. Time and again, the best information comes from those who’ve been in the trenches and lived and breathed the same challenges you face. So, when experts are willing to speak about their challenges and how they address them, it’s time to sit up and take notice.

Are you part of a global shared services team or in Finance, Accounting, HR or even IT, and deal with intercompany accounting? Well, now it’s time to take notice. Today FourQ launched Intercompany Financial Management (IFM) Insights, a new video discussion series featuring intercompany and shared services leaders. In each 20-minute IFM Insights episode, an intercompany leader is interviewed about their work, perceptions, challenges, and predictions for the intercompany sphere. FourQ’s IFM Insights guests provide learnings based on their own successes (and sometimes failures) and experiences that can help intercompany and shared services executives improve their programs and advance their careers.

Kicking off the new series, is an interview with the Head of People Operations at GE, Paul Davies, interviewed by FourQ’s CEO and co-founder, Varun Tejpal. HR is a relatively newer concept for shared services as compared to the other functions such as finance, accounting, purchase and procurement, but one of increasing importance. Watch Paul’s interview and gain insight into GE’s intercompany experiences.

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July 26, 2021