New Intercompany Insights from Intercompany Expert, Matt Glithero (Episode 2)

FourQ recently launched Intercompany Financial Management (IFM) Insights, a new video discussion series featuring intercompany and shared services leaders. 

The second episode of the series, featuring a discussion with Matt Glithero, Partner at Modern Industrial, is now available. Matt is interviewed by FourQ’s Chief Product Officer, Prasad Tungaturthy. A distinguished intercompany finance leader who spent nearly 20 years at GE, Matt speaks about his background with transformation, digital enablement, and change management, and how intercompany continues to serve as the lifeblood of any multinational company. Watch Matt’s interview below to learn from his intercompany perspective.

In each 20-minute IFM Insights episode, an intercompany leader is interviewed about their work, perceptions, challenges, and predictions for the intercompany sphere. FourQ’s IFM Insights guests share learnings based on their own successes (and sometimes failures) and experiences that can help intercompany and shared services executives improve their programs and advance their careers. Last month, Head of People Operations at GE, Paul Davies was interviewed by FourQ’s CEO and co-founder, Varun Tejpal. Click here to watch the first episode and gain insight into GE’s intercompany experiences.

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August 19, 2021