Prasad Tungaturthy

Chief Product Officer

Prasad Tungaturthy, FourQ’s Chief Product Officer, has a track record of strategically elevating customer success through innovative products and effective platform engineering. Prasad spent several years in the EPM and business intelligence space, including 11 years at Oracle, giving him a deep understanding of customer pain points during the financial close process. At FourQ, that experience helps him to prioritize developing solutions that are targeted at alleviating those and many other challenges facing the office of finance. 

A pragmatic but creative thinker, Prasad is known by colleagues for his collaborative approach to problem-solving. He is a cross-functional strategic partner across the organization and with customers. This approach is driven by his leadership philosophy: no one knows everything, and everyone knows something. Getting to know people holistically for their unique skills, motivations, and personalities makes Prasad a more effective leader. 

Outside of his work driving cutting-edge product development, Prasad has been active in local government. He won the nomination to run for the Board of Finance in the City of Stamford (CT) in 2009. He served on the Board of Directors for the Stamford Public Education Foundation for two years and was appointed by the mayor to serve as the city’s fire commissioner from 2009-2013. A native of India, Prasad speaks three languages besides English: Hindi, Telugu, and Kannada. He was profiled by the Stamford Advocate, which highlighted his passion for seeing more representation of first-generation immigrants on local boards and commissions.  

Prasad enjoys hiking, biking, and running half marathons. He also enjoys traveling and once took his children to a floating village in Cambodia, where an entire school was located on a barge—giving them a new appreciation for what people go through to get an education. He coached for the Jr. FLL (FIRST Lego League) at the YMCA, giving inner-city kids the opportunity to explore robotics. Prasad holds two U.S. patents.

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