Varun Tejpal

Chief Executive Officer

FourQ’s CEO and co-founder Varun Tejpal collaborates with finance leaders of large global organizations to achieve superior financial outcomes by driving process and technological transformation.  He understands extremely complex issues and identifies creative solutions, helping companies reimagine their finance strategy and operations.

As the former CFO of global operations for a Fortune 50 multinational conglomerate, Varun is experienced in driving ongoing rigor to achieve commercial, financial, and operational goals. He helped the company build its global shared services from inception to outsource, so he is well-versed in the competitive advantages of centralizing and streamlining business processes inside and outside the enterprise.  Colleagues describe him as pragmatic and always thinking about the future.

Varun earned a Bachelor of Commerce from Delhi University and a Master of Business Administration from Symbiosis Centre for Management and Human Resource Development.

Varun is inspired by the philosophy of “Ikagai” (reason for being). He first saw this after surviving a 9.0 earthquake in Tokyo, demonstrated in the unbroken spirit of the Japanese people as they went about rebuilding with grace. He similarly weathers challenges with generosity of spirit while bringing intention to everything he does.

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