Anita Konya

VP of Finance

As VP of Finance at FourQ, Anita Konya is tasked with solving finance puzzles and identifying how to strategically maximize financial and operating performance. She’s up for the challenge, combining her experience in finance with an unconventional background that helps her see things from a different perspective. Because of this, she is able to challenge the status quo and find creative solutions to complex problems. 

Anita leads the finance and accounting functions, foreseeing how business decisions and customer requests will impact business performance. She’s enthusiastic about her role and happiest when she knows she has made a lasting impact. Colleagues have followed up with Anita long after she’s moved on from a project or role to tell her how much of a difference her involvement has made.  

As a leader, Anita is people-driven and is highly tuned in to both customers and colleagues. She believes in demonstrating your appreciation for one another—whether it’s a direct report, peer, or manager—and she follows Gary Chapman’s guidance from The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace to communicate that gratitude on a daily basis. 

A native Hungarian speaker, Anita also speaks English, Italian, and Serbian and dabbles in learning Spanish and Dutch. Her unconventional career path took her from an IT major in high school to a Masters in English Philology to a brief stint as a certified jeweler. She feels that she’s found her passion in finance and uses her experience to mentor young professionals and help them find their fit in the working environment. 

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